Petroleum Services

Renovation & Maintenance of Fuel Stations and Service Stations across Qatar since 1989 with complete Designing, Supply, Installation, commissioning solutions and services of all fore-court On and Under-ground Fuelling Systems such as Tanks, Pipelines, Pumps, Dispensers, Automatic Tank Gauging Systems, Safety and Environmental protection Devices etc.

Our all activities are always in line with the exact requirement of Civil Defense Department and Petrol Station Executive Committee (PSEC) with all kinds of solutions for Fuel Management Systems for Retail, Bulk and Emergency Power back Systems.

We are specialized in following works for petrol station with supply and installations of following items in line with of petrol station executive committee requirements:

  • Submersible turbine pumps
  • Fuel Dispensers
  • Dispenser Frame for mounting dispensers
  • Over fill prevention Valves
  • Underground Piping System for Complete Fuel Station, (Super, Premium and Diesel)
  • Pressure vacuum vents
  • Monitoring and Observation wells
  • Automatic Gauging Systems
  • Composite Manhole Covers
  • Tank Sumps and Dispenser Sumps
  • Tank Accessories
  • Electrical cable layout with new fire proof approved cable with underground UPVC ducts, Cabling and termination for complete fuel station from control Distribution room to submersible pumps and dispensers.
  • Emergency Power cut-off switches
  • Provision for Static Grounding / Earthing for Fuel Tanks, Vent lines and for loading tankers
  • Pressure testing of fuel tanks
  • Flame Arrestors / Retardants
  • Brigades for dispensers

Our trading activities also include following items:

  • Hydraulic jacks, Water & Diesel pumps and High Pressure Car Washer.
  • Supply and commissioning of Veeder Root Automatic Gauging Systems (ATG) on fuel tanks from Woqod.(Tank monitoring system)
  • Provide Third Party Calibration of Flow Meter on Fuel Tankers or Sites for 100% accuracy.
  • Supply, Install and commissioning of Heavy Duty Dispensing Unit.
  • Supply, Install and commissioning of Tokheim Fuel Dispensers.
  • Construction of Pits for oil change and Pipeline for Fuel Station.
  • Petroleum, Oil Field and Plumbing, M.E.P products and solutions.
  • Diesel & Water pumps, Compactors, Back-up Generators.
  • Electromechanical, Instrumentation and Electrical Spares.

Agencies for Service & Fuel Equipments.

  • Tokheim Fuel Dispensers
  • Coxreels
  • Liquid Control Flow Meters
  • Submersible pumps ( Fe-Petro)
  • Automatic Nozzles ( OPW)
  • Automatic gauging systems (ATGs)

Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Fuel Stations and Service Stations

The construction or redevelopment or maintenances of any new or old service station is a complex project that requires expert knowledge. Zahra Qatar has been managing the development of forecourt station and associated projects with Work force for more than ten years.

We have local and central specialists (across engineering project conception and construction disciplines) in place that can work in partnership with you to deliver the best all round solution.

Construction and Maintenance from start to finish

Whether you are building or maintaining a service station from the ground up or renovating and upgrading existing facilities we can provide you with a complete set of services. Your own personal, dedicated project manager can look after the whole project for you from the beginning. We will provide you with a range of layout options for your new site and we will work closely with you to manage all the intricate environmental and safety paperwork required. Our local engineering teams can cover everything from the initial site surveys to development of Complete Fuel Station as per the requirement of Civil Defense and Petrol Station Executive Committee Qatar with all the specifications, pipe and tank works through to the construction of forecourts, and finally to the installation and commissioning of equipment. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a safe, secure, modern and innovative service station that’s built to last long in to the future.

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